The quality of our products is certified by A1 and A2 certificates. We are distinguished by natural materials and care for the environment.

Certified quality

Dragon pellets are fir, beech or mixed pellets certified with ENplus A1 or ENplus A2. They are made of coniferous or deciduous wood of the best quality from various European countries. They burn for a long time and they have great energy value too. The pellets are certified with ENplus A1 or ENplus A2 certificates, which are only assigned to the highest quality pellets, that’s why they produce very little ash and provide the highest requirements. The amount of carbon dioxide released upon combustion is equal to the amount that a tree absorbs in photosynthesis. This amount is completely harmless.

The ENplus A1 and ENplus A2 certificates ensure the traceability of the entire pellet production process, from its inception to its sale. 

Our products

Dragon fire

Dragon holz

Dragon plus

Dragon charcoal